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Below is some feeback on a few of the various workshops we've
given recently:

Teaching Staff feedback on an Impro Workshop
'I took a group of 6 students who had been studying improv with me for the year at school to visit the Scat Pack at LAMDA. They offered us a 2 hour workshop focusing on long form and improvised singing. The Scat Pack were great teachers and enthused much confidence in my students. They related to the students fabulously and immediately began teaching to their level. The space was great and they also provided musicians who were fantastic. I would certainly return to the Scat Pack for future workshops as their teaching was very effective and my students really enjoyed themselves. I would recommend them for working with young people at all levels of improvisation. It was a great day!' - Jane Beavis - Drama Teacher - Whitmore High School

Student feedback on an Impro Workshop
'I really enjoyed the entire workshop! Everything about it was great fun! The Scat Pack were great teachers, and their constant laughter was a huge confidence boost. I particularly enjoyed our Improvised film at the end, I felt it was some of the best acting and improvising we had done since our show. I really apreciated their help with our songs (I've never been very confident singing and though I probably won't be winning any Oscars, I really enjoyed the musical side to the day!) and the musicians were absoloutely fantastic! I sincerely hope that we will be able to go back again and have another session!' - Oliver Hurcum - Year 8 Student - Whitmore High School

Feedback on an Issue-Based Impro Workshop
'The Scat Pack workshop leaders we brought in showed remarkable creativity and energy in engaging with the young people within school environments. They led a drama session on the issue of Conflict Resolution. The students greatly enjoyed the session and took skills from it to use in everyday life. The theatrical and improvisational approach to the workshop particularly engaged the students and made the learning not only enjoyable but also practical and experiencial; making the session even more valuable. They structured the whole workshop specifically for the school's PSCHE programme and explored the sensitive issue well and thoroughly.'
- Julia Sherwood - Social Education Consultant - Sherwood Associates




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